Horizon Defenses is the #1 Solution for the Security of your house while facing a disaster

Our team of engineers and tech development makes sure that the strength of our products is tested to the limit, with over 2400 happy customers we make sure the custom fit supplies are of your   greatest satisfaction.

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Hurricane Proof:


Secure Houses that can resist not only hurricanes and tornadoes but also big floods that would normally wreck a common house.


Our doors can take the force of really strong winds that would normally destroy a common door.


Windows are known the first to go against strong winds; however our special windows can take lots of stress from winds and movement.


Protect your entire house by protecting your roof and don’t worry about immense damage done by a wrecked roof!

We are here to protect your house

Many regions of the United States suffer from hurricanes and tornadoes almost yearly and we see on and on houses being damaged or nearly torn apart by these natural disasters; however there are many ways to protect your household from such misfortunes.

We develop high technology hurricane resistant doors, windows, roofs and even entire houses that can also resist massive floods.

  • Fully customized protection products like doors, windows and roofs
  • Security guaranteed via strengthening the weak links of a house
  • Unlimited options to fully suit your particular house
  • Secure gear that doesn’t ruin the looks of your house entirely
  • Entire houses stronger than any other to take the hit of most hurricanes and tornadoes.

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What our Clients say about it

These guys are great, they came to my house and were very friendly. Installed the door and I invited them inside for some drinks as well, overall very helpful people.
John Baxter, TartyB
Awesome job! Would buy again if needed. The people were friendly and they did’nt mind my dog which tends to bark a whole lot when strangers were around. They seemed to know what they were doing and got the job done very fast. An excellent service overall and I am loving my new door!
Mark Evangel, TribalZine
Helpful and respectful people. They came to my house and knocked quietly and attended me like a valued customer which is very appreciated. The windows they installed were done beautifully and they did not make a lot of noise while installing. Now I can rest safely knowing a part of my house will be safe come hurricane season. Thank you very much guys!
Jean Dennis, SkGming
Perfect! That is the one word that I can describe the product i purchased. Got my custom made door tailored to my house and it looks stunning! Wish I could show it off to everybody here, it was done beautifully and truly worth its price if not more. The guys that came in were kind to me and my family which was running around the house and they did not seem to mind anything at all! Helpful and done just the way I ordered it
Julio Martinez, SourNova
One of the best installation jobs for windows that I have seen in a while. Ex worker here for another hurricane proof company and well these guy top the charts personally they came in and got my windows and my garage all sealed up and nice and tight. Would recommend to anyone especially the way they do the garage it was done flawlessly and they were very professional too. 5/5
Keith Branst, EliteGam

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